This web site allows you as a visitor to explore the products and services of Betac Accountants & Belastingadviseurs B.V. (hereinafter to be called: Betac) and find information on the Betac organisation and its operations. The website offers visitors the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter in e-mail form issued by Betac, to contact us regarding services you require, or to browse our job opportunities.

Processing of (personal) information

When you visit our web site, no personal information you provide is stored. This means that visiting our web site is effectively anonymous.

Only in cases where you as a visitor are explicitly asked to provide certain personal details will such details be recorded. This exclusively concerns information required to offer you the services referred to above.

Google Analytics
In addition to this, only anonymous (meta)data regarding visit and traffic details are recorded, including type of connection, browser used by the visitor, the operating system used on the visitor’s computer and the pages on this web site that are accessed. Processing of these data is done exclusively to optimise the layout, content and operation of the present web site. To collect these data Betac uses Google Analytics (by placing the associated Google Analytics cookies on your computer).

In order to improve the privacy experience of Google Analytics, Betac signed a processing contract with Google to mask the last digit group of your IP address and to disable “share details” by default.

For more information regarding Google Analytics please refer to the Google Analytics information web page.

Security and integrity of data
Betac has taken appropriate protection measures to keep your personal details safe. To the best of our knowledge, access to your personal details is only possible by persons involved in providing services to you on behalf of Betac and by any others who are authorised to do so within the context of current privacy legislation. Individuals with access to personal details are bound to ensure that such information remains private.

In addition to this, Betac guarantees that your personal details will only remain stored for as long as is necessary to provide our services to you and the law permits it, or until such time as you ask that your personal details are deleted.

Links to third party web sites
Betac wishes to point out that this site may contain links to other web sites, which will have their own privacy policies and where therefore this privacy statement does not apply. It is possible, for example, that you are referred to third party web sites for additional information (such as a link contained in a blog post).

Betac shall not be responsible for nor provide any warranties for information stored on and used by third party web sites. Betac advises you to acquaint yourself with the privacy policies of any third party web site that you access by referral from our web site. Only by doing so will you be able to ascertain how your private details will be used.

Betac retains the right to change its privacy policy for the present web site. For this reason, you should check regularly whether this may be the case.

If you have any questions, or feel that certain issues are not addressed adequately in this privacy statement, please contact Betac’s compliance officer at

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