Startups: innovation, ambition and fast growth

As a startup, you have an innovative idea or product. Often the plans of these innovative company go faster than the financial and fiscal organization. The startup world moves quickly and that’s why you want to bring your idea or product available on the market as soon as possible to stay ahead of the competitors. The formation and maintenance of a startup tend to raise questions as:

  • Which legal form fits my startup?
  • Which subsidiaries and fiscal opportunities are available?
  • What are my options for financing my activity’s?
  • Which taxes do I need to pay?
  • How do I optimize my administrative process?
  • Which information do I want to see frequently?
  • Which steps do I take when I want to go abroad with my startup?
  • How do I keep good/motivated employees?

Answering these question yourself may be very time-consuming. Time which you, as a startup, rather spend on other things.

Why Betac?

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Betac Acc. has years of experience when it comes to advising and assisting of startups, innovative, online, tech and creative organizations. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience with the challenges that these companies face on the financial and fiscal area. Betac Acc. also has a lot of experience with investors and we work together with many specialists on juristic and notarized area in the Netherlands and abroad. Because of our experience we are the partner for startups, growing- and tech companies.

What do we offer?

Our full services on in the financial and fiscal area consist of:

  • Help with the formation of the startup
  • Elaborate financing options
  • Subsidy applications (e.g. WSBO, 30% ruling)
  • Payroll administration (e.g.  European highly skilled migrant scheme)
  • Supporting financial administration
  • Compile annual reports and other reports
  • Fiscal advice and other advice

Startups that we work with

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